Wilpowah Handmade Furniture

Custom handmade furniture,Queen Anne reproductions .

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We offer service of restoration and repair of antiques and fine furniture 

 Both structural and appearance jobs .Firstly structural is bring back the piece to the condition of useful service . Paying particular attention to structural integrity .  Second is maintaining intact the patina that is crucial to the value of said piece . That my friends is fine woodworking : so fine you can't even see it . Specializing in precise match on  finish .     

 Queen Anne Style Lowboy 

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         assesment services available  from makers viewpoint

       The rate is $100. per hour .what essentially is over 25 years experience covering in-depth hands on discovery of what is before me . As an example ,recently I was asked to appraise a table that was given to a client  . They had a vague idea that the piece was old , Because their grandfather bought it . Upon inspection I revealed that what was thought of as antique ,was in fact a reproduction . Freshly  minted around 70 years ago . This goes to show you what you see is not exactly what it is . I know this because , in my experience in restoring  furniture has shown me that fakers have been around just about as long  as the original craftsman . My business is based on the craftsmen's point of view . All done in under 10 minutes cost of education to clients $20. .Because they decided the value was in keeping the table as a reminder of grand-pop , and one day it will have earned title of Antique .  All the while linking family generations .Priceless to them .

 New Queen Anne style tilt-top table . The top is made from premium curly maple .All other parts ,(legs ,base ) made from rescued lumber . Keeping with the theme of dual purpose of the piece , careful selection of fresh and recycled material gives a balance I believe that lessons impact on the Earth ,while maintaining beauty , functionality . Sliding dove-tails secure legs to base .  Shellac finish  for traditional  beauty and restorability . 

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New "basket weave" designed by me Incorporated into tilt-top . In this composition I started with a classic design of a local craftsman from the 18 th. century .I added the new basket weave design .Working with rescued lumber for the legs , base , and table braces .So what we have here is both a faithful reproduction , and respect for dwindeling  global resources .

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 Jeff Hicks Williams @Wood Expo 2011 Boston, Ma.

  this is a photo that shows me and my work .During a vary busy Saturday at the world trade center in Boston .

     latest project in studio April 4th 2011  Drop-leaf  table .

 Upon initial inspection :Wood-black cherry . Joints :  Housed . semi-handcut . This where my interest change dramatically . Original intent was to procure material for new pieces to build .Well the detective in me awakens . I look at several factors . First  of the 16 glue blocks used .Two are missing , solvent check results reveal hide glue blocks used . Then I look at the mechanical fastening of top to apron ,this is where glue blocks are used . Reveals questionable practices because holes used are sloppy , meaning walls show evidence of tearing , but no burning or scoring and , varying depth and ,angle of drill entering wood . . This could mean ether someone built this along time ago . Or someone else tried to make it look like they did . Further investigating clearly required .    

 originally picked up for reuse as material to build new products.


pair of basket-weave made from drop-leaf table incorporating my version of a classic 'birdcage

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     Hand carved Pineapple  $50 each   free shipping in U.S.A.


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